Interlingua/Curso de conversation/Capitulo 8, Scenas 5 e 6 (anglese)

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SCENE 5: The Geneva offices: Petro and John Melville are talking after the meeting. Mr. Melville was very impressed with the professionalism of all the participants in the meeting.

Petro calls up Francesca to find out if there are any messages for him. Francesca reads him a letter from Transportes Mexico. It says that Petro is exactly the person that they need, and they are ready to hire him without further interviews. This surprises Petro because he had dictated a letter to them indicating that he did not want the job.

Transportes Mexico says that he will have to pass a medical examination before settling into his new position, but the company assures him that this will probably be only a formality. Francesca then reads a telex to him. It comes from Alicia, who finally understands that Petro does not want her as his secretary. This news, naturally, is a great relief for Petro.

Finally, Francesca says that she has found in his desk a letter of his to Mexico. Naturally, this is good news for Petro. Probably he forgot to drop this letter into the mail. Petro now understands why Transportes Mexico has offered him his new engineering job. Finally, he returns to the meeting with Mr. Melville.

Melville: They really know their work well, those people.

Petro: That's normal. They are the best in their specialty.

Melville: Yes, really.

Petro: Listen, will you excuse me. I want to call up Francesca to verify something.

Melville: Yes, naturally.

Petro: Hello, Francesca?

Francesca: Yes.

Petro: It's me, Petro.

Francesca: Good morning, Petro.

Petro: Listen. Is there a message for me? A letter, something similar?

Francesca: Yes, there is a telex, and also a letter.

Petro: Where is the letter from?

Francesca: It's from ... Mexico.

Petro: Really? Can you open it up and read me it?

Francesca: Yes, just a moment. It's from Transportes Mexico. Do you want me to read all of it to you?

Petro: Yes, please.

Francesca: Very well: "Dear Mr. Minelli, we have the pleasure of informing you that you are exactly the persona that we need."

Petro: Oh God, I sent them a letter saying that I was gonna remain here in Geneva?

Melville: A bad piece of news?

Petro: Yes, in a sense.

Francesca: Pardon?

Petro: Nothing, nothing.

Francesca: Do you want me to continue?

Petro: Yes, please.

Francesca: "We have heard so many good things about you that it does not seem necessary for us to interview you. We want to include you among our personnel immediately, if this is possible. The only precondition, which certainly will seem normal to you, is for our medical service to assure us, after an examination, that you health is in a satisfactory condition. We are convinced that this wil be a simple formality. Awaiting the pleasure of receiving a response from you ... "

Petro: Yes.

Francesca: The signature at the end of the letter is Roberto Rodgriguez. And there is also a telex.

Petro: Can you read it to me?

Francesca: "Dear Petro, Your supervisor has told me that you were going to Mexico and that you would not have need of my services in the future. I hope that you will have a lot of success in your new position. Alicia."

Petro: Ah. That, at least is a good piece of news.

Francesca: Oh, one moment, there is another thing that I forgot?

Petro: Yes?

Francesca: Among your papers I have found a letter to Mexico. It seems that you did not mail it out. Do you want me to ...

Petro: No no. Please, keep it and give it to me later.

Francesca: Very well. That's everything. Do you need anything else?

Petro: No, really no.

Francesca: Very well. See you.

Petro: See you.

Melville: It seems to me that we should now get back to the meeting.

Petro: Yes, very well. It's gonna start very soon.

EXERCISE 5: (It's me, it's him, it's you):

Guide: Developments in Petro's career are progressing very rapidly for him. Fortunately, however, he's remaining calm. But now I'd like to hear another time the expressions of identification that we have been hearing.

A man: Who's answered the phone?

A woman: It's me. I'm the one who's answered the phone.

A man: Is she the one who has written the letter?

a woman: No, it's not her. It him. He's the one who has written the letter.

A man: Do you like this work?

A woman: Yes, it is the kind of work that I like. It's the kind of work that pleases me.

A man: Have you worked for this company for long?

A woman: Yes, I have worked here for six years. It is now six years that I have been working for this company.

A man: Are you happy to be going to Geneva?

A woman: Yes, for me that's a good piece of news.

A man: Do you like to live here?

A woman: Yes, it's very nice, this apartment.

A man: Do you know how to do this exercise?

A woman: Yes, it's very easy.

A man: What are the things about Paris that you like?

A woman: What I like are the museums and the restaurants.

Guide: I think that I understand all this a little better. At this point, let's see what's happening with Petro.

SCENE 6: The Geneva Airport: Catherina and Petro are at the airport. The plane that will take Petro to Mexico is going to take off very soon. Catherina says that she hopes that they will run into each other another time after he finishes the three years of his new contract.

Petro then expresses his hope that Catherina will have a lot of success in her Egyptian project and that her relations with Mr. Melville will go well for her. Finally, he gets on the plane, expressing his optimism for this new development in his career.

Announcer: Passengers for the Lufthansa flight eight hundred thirty-five for Mexico who don't have a boarding pass should board the plane immediately through Door forty-three. Passengers with a boarding pass are requested to use Door forty-two.

Catherina: This is your flight.

Petro: Yes. I should go there immediately, it seems to me.

Catherina: Yes. Good. I hope that possibly we will see each other later on.

Petro: Me too.

Catherina: Come work with us sometime later, if you can, after your current contract is over.

Petro: I would like that a lot.

Catherina: How many years is you contract for?

Petro: Three.

Catherina: That's a lot of time, three years.

Petro: Yes, really.

Catherina: See you later, Petro.

Petro: See you later, Catherina. Good luck with the Egyptian contract.

Catherina: Thanks. And good luck with your current contract.

Petro: Oh, don't worry. Everything will go fine.

Catherina: Yes. Bon voyage, and good luck.

Petro: Yes. I am very happy to have gotten to know you.

Catherina: Me too.

Petro: See you later, Catherina.

Catherina: See you later, Petro.