Interlingua/Curso de conversation/Capitulo 8, Scenas 1 e 2 (anglese)

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SCENE 1: The offices of Geneva: Peter dictates to his secretary a letter to Mr. Floret in Paris in which he reveals his intention to stay in Geneva and expresses his hope that Floret will be able to intervene in his favor

Petro: The first letter goes to Transportes de Mexico. You will find the address in the file. The date is today's. Dear Patricio, comma, new line. Thank you for your letter, period. After having reflected a long time, comma, I have decided to stay in Geneva, period. No that's not gonna work. The first letter goes to Marex Mundial, Paris, to Mr. G. Floret, ef, el, oh, are, ee, tea. The address, etc., are in the file. Dear Gerardo, I am writing you because of a problem I have that is a bit delicate. For several reasons, I wanted to leave Geneva, comma, and now I want to reverse this decision, period. New line. Would it be possible for you to help me and use your good offices in my favor, question mark. Giving you my thanks in advance, I want to extend you, etc., etc., etc. Use yesterday's date. Very well. That's all for now.

SCENE 2: The Geneva offices: Francesca wants to talk to Petro about the first commission meeting. There is a new problem because the meeting will take place on the third day of the month, but the Paris office says that it will be impossible to send out their senior engineer before the fourth day of the month. Petro gets angry and wants to know who Francesca talked to, but she doesn't know this. Petro then tells her to call up Paris and talk with Mr. Dumont in person (and no other person who works in the Paris office) and to tell him that he will have to be in Geneva on the third of the month without fail.

Petro: Good morning, Francesca.

Francesca: Good morning, Petro. Can I talk with you?

Petro: Yes, of course.

Francesca: There's a problem with the first meeting of the commission.

Petro: The technical liaison commission?

Francesca: The meeting will take place the third day of the month, won't it?

Petro: Yes, exactly. Is everything ready?

Francesca: Yes, but there is one problem with the engineer in Paris, Mr. Dumont. He won't be able to be here on the third, and he's gonna arrive on the fourth.

Petro: Who told you that?

Francesca: Someone called me from Paris. I don't know exactly who.

Petro: But we can't have the meeting without him. It is absolutely necessary for everyone to be there. It is, after all, a liaison meeting.

Francesca: Yes, I know that, but he says that he can't come before the fourth.

Petro: You didn't talk to Dumont in person?

Francesca: No. He wasn't the person who called but someone else in the Paris office.

Petro: Fine. Here's what you're gonna do. Call up Paris and ask to talk with Dumont personally. Don't talk to anyone else. We want only the senior engineer, no other person. Contact Dumont and tell him that we will be having the meeting on the third of the month.

Francesca: Okay.

Petro: If there's any problem, tell me, and I'll call Paris up myself.

Francesca: Fine. I'll do that immediately.

EXERCISE 2: Giving instructions:

Guide: There have already been problems with the Paris team. Wtihout doubt, it isn't easy to organize a meeting. In this scene Petro gave some instructions to Francesca. I myself would like to hear another sequence of instructions:

A woman (talking on the phone: I have a problem. My boss's tie is caught in the photocopier. What am I gonna do?

A man: Try to relax now. Don't worry. Is your boss with you right now?

A woman: Yes.

A man: What kind of machine is it?

A woman: A B-60.

A man: Good. First, tell him to calm down and relax.

A woman: Calm down and relax.

A man: Tell him that he should not pull on his tie.

A woman: Don't pull on your tie.

A man: Fine. Tell him that he should disconnect the electricity.

A woman: Disconnect the electricity.

A man: Now, tell him that he should open up the cover.

A woman: Open up the cover.

A man: Tell him that he should push the left button.

A woman: Push the left button.

A man: Tell him that he now should lift up the main platen.

A woman: Lift up the main platen.

A man: Tell him not to let it fall down.

A woman: Don't let it fall down.

A man: Tell him that he should now turn the other platen.

A woman: Now, turn the other platen.

A man: Is the gear train now disengaged?

A woman: Yes, it is disengaged.

A man: Can he remove his tie now?

A woman: Yes, he's now taken it out.

A man: Good. Tell him that he now should put the main platen back into the machine, close the cover, and reconnect the electricity.

A woman: Now put the main platen back into the machine, close the cover, and reconnect the electricity.

A man: And tell him also that he should not wear a tie when he is close to that machine.