Interlingua/Curso de conversation/Capitulo 7, Scenas 3 e 4 (anglese)

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SCENE 3: Geneva, in Peter's car: In this brief scene Petro drives Catherina to her apartment. She gives him her thanks for the meal and the drink afterward in the bar. Petro offers to take her to another bar for a last drink, but Catherina says she wants to feel in good form the next day and prefers to go directly to her apartment.

Petro tries to persuade her to invite him up for some coffee, but Catherina obviously doesn't want to risk a romantic encounter this evening. Petro then suggests that they go out the next evening, but Catherina does not want to commit herself to anything. They say good night to each other, and Peter goes away.

Catherina: Well, thanks a lot for inviting me to go out with you this evening, Petro.

Petro: It was a pleasure.

Catherina: The restaurant was excellent. And the cabaret also was very pleasant.

Petro: We can go get a nightcap, if you want. There are other bars in this area.

Catherina: No, I think I oughtta go to my apartment.

Petro: Really?

Catherina: Yes. I don't want to be hung over tomorrow.

Petro: Okay.

Catherina: I'm very sorry that you weren't able to dance.

Petro: Oh, that wasn't very important. We can do it some other time.

Catherina: Fine. Good night and thanks once again.

Petro: You're not going to invite me up to your apartment for some coffee?

Catherina: No. I don't think that it would be a good idea since it's so late.

Petro: That isn't very nice.

Catherina: I'm very sorry, but some coffee could easily lead to something else, and ...

Petro: And what would be bad about that?

Catherina: No. I hope that you will understand that I have to get a good night's sleep with all that we will be having to do tomorrow.

Petro: Can we go out together once again tomorrow evening?

Catherina: Maybe. Let's discuss that tomorrow.

Petro: Very well.

Catherina: So I'll see you in the office tomorrow.

Petro: Yes, of course, see you tomorrow.

Catherina: Good night, and thanks.

Petro: Good night.

EXERCISE 3: Saying good-bye:

A woman: They're going away right now. What is he going to say?

A man: Okay, "Good Evening." And what is she going to say?

A woman: "Good evening. And thanks." Is he gonna talk about the next day?

A man: "Will I see you tomorrow? Will we be seeing each other tomorrow?" What is she going to say?

A woman: "Yes. I'll see you tomorrow. We'll be seeing each other tomorrow." And as far as he's concerned, did he like the evening? If this is true, what would he say?

A man: "Thanks for the very nice evening." And as far as she is concerned, did she also like the evening? If this is so, what would she say?

A woman: "I've had a very nice evening." They are now taking leave of each other. What would they say in this case?

A man: Good night.

A woman: Good night.

A man: Sleep well.

A woman: Thanks. You too.

A man: See you tomorrow.

A woman: Yes, see you tomorrow.

Guide: Good. It is now the morning when Catherina and the entire Geneva office team are going to confer with Mr. Chahine at his hotel.

SCENE 4: In the Geneva offices and Mr. Chahine's hotel. Everyone in the office is ready to go to Mr. Chahine's hotel. Martijn wants some information from Petro about what he and Catherina did last evening, but Petro doesn't say anything to him about this. Catherine arrives at the office. Since her car is a little small for four people, Martijn offers to drive Olivero to the hotel in his own car so that Catherina can go there with Petro in hers.

When they arrive at the hotel, Catherina calls Mohammed up in his room to tell him that they have arrived, and they go up to see him. Mohammed is very happy to see Catherina, who he hasn't seen for five years. Catherina introduces Mohammed to her three colleagues. He invites them into his suite and then orders coffee for six people.

Martijn: Good morning, Petro.

Petro: Good morning, Martijn.

Martijn: How're you doing?

Petro: Fine, thanks.

Martijn: Did you have a good time last night?

Petro: Yes, it was nice, thanks.

Martijn: Tell me all about it.

Petro: What do you mean?

Martijn: I mean, what did you do with the boss?

Petro: Oh, I don't want to talk about it.

Martijn: Okay, fine.

Catherina: Good morning to all of you.

The others: Good morning.

Catherina: Is everybody ready?

The others: Yes.

Catherina: We've gotta go to the hotel before too long.

Martijn: Where's Olivero?

Catherina: He's not in the office right now, but he's ready. How're we gonna go there? My car's a little small for all four of us.

Martijn: Okay, ... uh, if you want, I could take Olivero there in my car, and you and Petro could go there in yours.

Petro: Fine.

Martijn: We can meet in the lobby.

Catherina: Good idea.


Petro: Do you know his room number?

Catherina: He doesn't have a room. He has a suite.

Petro: Really? But do you know its number?

Catherina: Yes. Five hundred thirteen. I'm gonna tell the desk clerk that we're going up to see him. Excuse me.

Desk clerk: Just a minute please. ... What can I do for you?

Catherina: Can you call up Suite five hundred thirteen and tell them that we're gonna go up there?

Desk clerk: There's a house phone. It's over there. Can you see it?

Catherina: Yes, thanks. Mohammed? (Catherina goes to the phone.) It's me, Catherina. We're in the hotel, in the lobby. Yes. Immediately (to her colleagues) There are the elevators, over there. Let's go on up.

Petro. Fine.

Catherina: Here's his suite.

Mohammed: Catherina! It's so nice to see you. How are you?

Catherina: Just fine, Mohammed, thanks. And you?

Mohammed: Everything's going just fine for me. Come on in. It's been years since the last time we saw each other.

Catherina: Yes. It seems to me it's been at least five years.

Mohammed: And you. Is everything going okay for you?

Catherina: Yes, just fine, thanks.

Mohammed: It seems you've brought your entire team with you.

Catherina: Yes. I'd like to introduce to you Petro, our engineer.

Petro: Good morning, sir.

Mohammed: Oh, call me Mohammed.

Catherina: And here's Olivero, our accountant ...

Mohammed: Good morning, Olivero.

Catherina: ... and Martijn, who's in charge of marketing.

Mohammed: Good morning, Martijn. Come on in all of you and have a seat. (Mohammed calls up Room Service.) Can you bring us some coffee, please? Thanks. For five people, please. Thanks a lot.

EXERCISE 4: Renewing old acquaintances.

Guide: Catherina and Mohammed seem to be old friends. Let's see what old friends say to each other.

First man: Do you see that woman over there?

Second man: Yes.

First man: She looks a lot like Christina.

Second man: Who is she? Christina? She seems to know you. She's gesturing toward you.

First man: That must be Christina. I'm gonna go over there to talk to her.

Second man: He's gonna ask her how she is.

First man: Christina, how are you?

Second man: She's gonna say that she's fine.

Christina: I'm fine, and you?

First man: I'm also fine.

Second man: She's gonna say that she hasn't seen him for a long time.

A woman: We haven't seen each other for a long time.

First man: Yes. The last time we saw each other was several years ago.

A woman: Yeah, I think it was three years ago.

Second man: He's gonna correct her.

First man: Oh, much longer than that. I think that the last time that we saw each other was five years ago.

Second man: She's gonna express her surprise.

Christina: As long as that?

First man: Oh, yeah. Five years at least, or maybe even longer than five years.

Second man: He's gonna tell her where they first met.

First man: We first got to know each other in London. Do you remember that?

Second man: Now he's gonna introduce me to her.

First man: I'd like to introduce to you Paul, a friend of mine.

A woman: Good morning, Paul.

Second man: Good morning, Maria.

A woman: I think we know each other. We last saw each other in Athens about five years ago.

Second man: Yes, that's true. We certainly live in a small world, don't we.

Guide: Okay. I now want to know how the meeting went.