Interlingua/Curso de conversation/Capitulo 5, Scenas 3 e 4 (anglese)

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SCENE 3: We find Peter once again in the Geneva offices, where Liliana, Catherina's assistant, has a message from Alicia for him. Alicia says that she will soon be in Geneva, where she will resume her work as his secretary. Petro is very annoyed and asks Liliana if she knows how to use a telex. Liliana answers that the machine should not be too difficult to use, and Petro dictates a message for Alicia, indicating briefly but clearly that he doesn't want her to come to Geneva. After a few difficulties, Lilian starts transmitting the message, and Petro is much happier.

Liliana: Oh, Mr. Minelli?

Petro: Yes?

Liliana: There's a message for you.

Petro: Oh is there?

Liliana: Just a minute. I put it here, but I don't know exactly where it is at the moment.

Petro: What is it?

Liliana: It comes from a Miss Martini, Alicia Martini.

Petro: And what did she want?

Liliana: Here's the message: "Don't look for a new secretary. I will be arriving very soon in Geneva to continue my work with you."

Petro: When did you get it?

Liliana: Friday.

Petro: Oh, no!

Liliana: By phone.

Petro: Good. Listen. Liliana. Do you know how to use a telex?

Liliana: I think I could use it.

Petro: It isn't difficult. Can you send this telex to our offices in Strasbourg? Here's the number of the telex.

Liliana: Okay.

Petro: The telex goes to Miss. Martini, em, ay, are, tea, I en I. Fine. Here's the text: "To the attention of Alicia Martini, Personnel Office, very urgent:"

Liliana: Just a minute please. Okay, I've got it.

Petro: Here's the message: "Don't come to Geneva, repeat, don't come ..." No, that's not gonna work. What have you written up to now?

Liliana" "Senioretta Alicia Martini, Personnel Office, very urgent:"

Petro: Yes, very good. Here's the message: "Unfortunately we have already selected a new secretary. There is no work for you in Geneva." I hope that she gets this before ...

Liliana: Pardon?

Petro: Nothing, nothing. What have you written?

Liliana: "Unfortunately we have already selected a new secretary. There's no work for you in Geneva."

Petro: Perfect. Continue: "Stay in Strasbourg. Don't come to Geneva. Wait until I give you further details."

Liliana: " ... until I give you further details."

Petro: And sign the message with my name, "Petro."

Liliana: Petro.

Petro: Can you send it out immediately?

Liliana: I'll try. I think I ought to put the paper in the machine like this.

Petro: Like that?

Liliana: Yes, I think that it should be like that.

Petro: Try it out.

Liliana: The machine isn't working

Petro: Possibly it is busy. Try once again. Ah, it is responding. It's responding. Bravo, Liliana. Thanks.

Liliana: It was a pleasure.

Exercise 3: Describing positions in space.

Guide: I wonder if Petro's telex will arrive soon enough to keep Alice from going to Geneva. In any case, I think it would be interesting to get to know her. In the meantime, I would like to review a bit the words that show where a person or a thing can be found.

A man: Here's an automobile. It is an English automobile.

A woman: Then the seat for the driver is ...

A man: ... to the right. And the seat for the passenger is ...

A woman: ... to the left.

A man: You are driving the car and are seated to the right. I am the passenger.

A woman: You are seated to the left.

A man: In England, traffic travels on the left.

A woman: And in continental Europe, traffic goes to the right.

A man: Good. This automobile has four wheels.

A woman: Two to the right.

A man: Two to the left.

A woman: The total then is four.

A man: Two in front.

A woman: Two in back.

A man: The total is four.

A woman: And the engine it is ...

A man: ... in front.

A woman: And valises? Where are they put?

a man: In the back, in the trunk.

A woman: Or maybe on the roof.

A man: On the roof of the car.

A woman: Fine, and the transmission of the car, where it it?

A man: There, between the two seats, between the motor and the back wheels.

A woman: But wait. And the driver?

A man: It is you who are driving the car. You are the driver. And you are ...

A woman: ... behind the wheel.

Guide: Very well. Let's now return to Petro.

SCENE 4: The offices of Geneva: Petro is with Catherina. He is very worried about the possibility that Alice will soon come to Geneva if she didn't get his telex. Catherina sympathizes, but she adds that for her it would be interesting to get to know Alice a little. Petro then shows Catherina a classified ad for a position in Mexico.

He thinks that he doesn't have enough to do in Geneva, and he tells Catherina that he is actively considering the possibility of applying for the position. He wants to know if she will give him a reference, and she replies that she would not have any difficulty in recommending him for the position.

Petro: Oh, God. It seems that Alicia is now coming to Geneva. She's no doubt gonna come tomorrow and start organizing everything I do. "Have you signed your letters? Have you had lunch? Have you called up our offices in Strasbourg?" Oh, how awful.

Catherina: Were you talking about someone?

Petro: Ah, good morning, Catherina. I didn't see you.

Catherina: I've heard that we now have two secretaries.

Petro: What?

Catherina: Yes. There is the new one that you interviewed a week ago, and there is Alicia.

Petro: Is she here?

Catherina: No, but I have seen her message.

Petro: I have sent her a telex.

Catherina: To ask her to come?

Petro: Good God, no! On the contrary. I told her to stay in Strasbourg. I said that we already have a secretary. I hope that that will keep her from coming, my telex.

Catherina: So she is coming?

Petro: I don't know. I hope not.

Catherina: But I would like to get to know her, that extraordinary secretary of yours.

Petro: What?

Catherina: I said that I'd like to get to know her.

Petro: Catherina.

Catherina. Yes?

Petro: Look.

Catherina: What is that?

Petro: A classified ad. I read it on the plane.

Catherina: Let me see it. "We are looking for an experimental-research engineer with a good background in urban transportation. The successful candidate will have the responsibility of planning a transportation network for a city in Mexico."

Petro: I think the company is Transportes Mexico. Go ahead and continue reading the ad.

Catherina: Our company is one of the most important ones in Latin America concerned with urban planning. We offer an exceptional salary with excellent work conditions. Housing provided. Many advantages. Send your qualifications to ... "

Petro: So, does this job have interesting possibilities or not?

Catherina: You find the position interesting?

Petro: Listen. There isn't any work here, and I need something to do.

Catherina: It will come.

Petro: Yes, but when? I really don't want to go on for a long period of time in an office with nothing to do.

Catherina: Yes, I understand, naturally.

Petro: And If I told them that the position interested me, ...

Catherina: Yes?

Petro: ... could you give me a reference?

Catherina: Of course, naturally.

Petro: They are asking for a written reference of the current supervisor of the candidate. Could you write a letter of recommendation for me?

Catherina: Certainly. I will do so immediately, if you want.

EXERCISE 4: Looking for work.

Guida: What were they talking about? A new Job? I didn't understand very well what they were saying.

First woman: Good. You know what we want.

A man: Go on.

First woman: An electronic engineer for Italy. The job is in Rome.

A man: What age, more or less?

First woman: That has no importance as long as the candidate has the experience that we want.

A man: And what do we have to offer?

First woman: A monthly salary of thirteen thousand euros, good living and work conditions.

A man: I see.

Second woman: Okay, and what can we do for you?

A man: We want to publish a classified ad for finding an engineer.

Second woman: What?

A man: An electronic engineer. Someone who has a solid background in electronics.

Second woman: And your other requirements?

A man: An engineer with a background in electronics who has experience in electronics and who has already worked in electronics.

Second woman: A background in electronics. I understand. To work where?

A man: The job is in Rome.

Second woman: And what exactly does that mean?

A man: The office is in Rome. The person we hire will have to travel at times to work in other regions of Italy.

Second woman: In Rome. I understand. And the salary?

A man: The salary will be thirteen thousand euros a month.

Guide: Good. I know what they want. Let's now go to Petro for further information about the possibilities of his new job.