Interlingua/Curso de conversation/Capitulo 1, Scenas 3 e 4 (anglese)

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SCENE 3: Strasbourg, in the offices of Marex Mundial: Petro and Catherina have their first conversation. She soon understands who he is, but he believes that Catherina is a temporary employee. She starts explaining her presence. But when Petro invites her to continue her conversation in his office, Catherina tries to tell him that everything inside it has been carried away. Before she can explain herself fully, Petro's telephone rings. Franco is on the line, and he tries to find out some more detailed information on the translation agency. As Peter enters the office, he finds Catherina there.

Petro: Good morning.

Catherina: Good morning.

Petro: Have you seen the telephone book? I need to find a telephone number.

Catherina: No, I haven't seen it.

Petro: I believe that Alicia generally keeps it over there, in that part of the office.

Catherina: I just got here. Isn't there anybody here?

Petro: No. Alicia, my secretary, has gone. She is on vaction. That, at least, is a good piece of news.

Catherina: Really?

Petro: No. I wasn't speaking seriously. Ah, here it is.

Catherina: Are you Mr. Petro Minelli?

Petro: Yes. And you? Are you my temporary secretary.

Catherina: No, I'm not your secretary.

Petro: Oh, fine. Excuse me. Who are you then?

Catherina: My name is Catherina De Sanctis.

Petro: Excuse me. I thought you were .... Good, what can I do for you?

Catherina: My name doesn't mean anything to you?

Petro: No. Why? Should I know it?

Catherina: The Geneva project, does this mean anything to you?

Petro: Yes. Vaguely. Why?

Catherina: Well, I am here because of it.

Petro: Yes, I understand. Let's go into my personal office. I was just now going there.

Catherina: Mmm. Your office is not there now.

Petro: What?

Catherina: They have moved everything in it. There was a worker there not long ago who was leaving.

Petro: Excuse me. (The telephone rings.) Yes? yes. It's me. Ah, Franco. Yes. The telephone number of the translation agency. Here it is.

SCENE 4: Strasbourg, in the offices of Marex Mundial: Petro and Catherina continue their conversation. She still is trying to explain to him that there is nothing in his office. Petro becomes more and more agitated, especially because he can't find his coffee maker, which is his personal property and does not belong to the company. Catherina suggests that he talk with his supervisor, and he does so immediately afterward, asking Catherina to wait for him. Catherina says that she can't do this because this matter will probably take a long time. Finally, they agree to see each other once again, at four o'clock in the afternoon.

Petro: (Talking with Franco on he phone) Good, you now have the telephone numbers of two agencies. Both have a good reputation. Very well, Franco. That's fine. Yes. See you later. (To Catherina) Excuse me for such a long delay. I am very sorry.

Catherina: Don't worry. It's not at all important.

Petro: Let's go to my office.

Catherina: But, your office is not ...

Petro: It's not what? What do you mean? Where are all my things?

Catherina: I was going to tell you exactly what I know about all that.

Petro: My office is empty.

Catherina: Yes, exactly.

Petro: But, what's going on?

Catherina: There was someone here not very long ago.

Petro: Who?

Catherina: I don't know. A worker. He took everything away.

Petro: That's exasperating.

Catherina: It is perhaps for the Geneva project.

Petro: But I don't understand why someone would take everything away without telling me anything beforehand.

Catherina: He went away five minutes ago.

Petro: And my coffee maker? It is mine, that coffee maker. It does not belong to the company. It is mine.

Catherina: It may be outside, in the hall.

Petro: I hope that is true. If I don't find it, I'm gonna get mad.

Catherina: Look in the hall. The worker put everything in the hall.

Petro: That's true. Here are my things. My chair, my desk. That's also mine.

Catherina: I don't see any coffee maker.

Petro: Oh, things are going to get nasty.

Catherina: Is it over there?

Petro: No, I don't see it.

Catherina: Why not talk about it to the office supervisor?

Petro: That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Catherina: All this happened only ten minutes ago.

Petro: But how can I work? No desk, no table, no ... no.

Catherina (laughing): No coffee maker.

Petro: This is not at all funny.

Catherina: Excuse me. I couldn't keep myself from laughing.

Petro: All this just can't go on. I am going to see Georgio immediately.

Catherina: Wait.

Petro: Listen. Can you wait awhile?

Catherina: No. Not really. I have many things to do.

Petro: Can't you wait just a minute? That will be long enough to take care of all this.

Catherina: But I also could lose too much time very easily.

Petro: Very well, maybe I could see you later on.

Catherina: The problem is that I arranged my schedule to see you today.

Petro: Listen, can't you be here a little later? Perhaps in an hour, more or less?

Catherina: No. But perhaps I could return by the end of the afternoon.

Petro: That would be convenient for you?

Catherina: Yes, yes. Fine.

Petro: Good. I'll then take care of all this immediately.

Catherina: Very well. I understand your problem.

Petro: Then we can see each other this afternoon. At what time?

Catherina: Let's say around four o'clock.

Petro: Four o'clock. Very well. We will see each other again then.

EXERCISE 4: Confirming and contradicting.

Guide: Poor Petro! No office. No idea of what's going on. I can understand why he feels resentful. But right now I would like to hear the various ways of indicating that a person is right or wrong.

A woman: This is your office?

A man: Yes. It is mine.

A woman: You are Mr. Johano Bosco?

A man: Yes. That's me.

A woman: Do you know my name?

A man: No. I don't know it. Wait. You are the temporary secretary?

A woman: No.

A man: You work here?

A woman: Yes, I work here.

A man: Then you are the temporary secretary.

A woman: No.

A man: But who are you then?

A woman: Are you Mr. John Bosco?

A man: Yes, that's me.

A woman: And you don't know me?

A man: No. I don't know you.

A woman: Make a guess about who I am.

A man: I believe that you are a secretary, and I think that you are temporary. Are you a secretary?

A woman: No, I'm not a secretary.

A man: Are you temporary?

A woman: No, not at all. I am not a temporary secretary.

A man: Do you work here?

A woman: Yes, that's true.

A man: You work for this company?

A woman: Yes, that's right.

A man: You are working for me right now?

A woman: No, I don't work for you.

A man: Are you my new assistant?

A woman: No, I am not your new assistant.

A man: You are my new secretary?

A woman: No.

A man: Then I'm wrong.

A woman: In that you are right.

Guide: Since the afternoon is now here, let's go back to Petro and Catherina.