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Intercontinental Motorcycle Touring

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A world tour-equipped motorcycle on the Southern Moroccan Atlantic coast

Intercontinental motorcycle touring is a form of adventure tourism in which one or many motorcyclists engage in traveling by road across two or more continents and, in some cases, with the goal to circumnavigate the Earth. Unless it is formally organized as a rally raid this activity is usually non-competitive. It is distinct from other forms of long distance motorcycle touring, such as riding within a single country or continent (transcontinental touring), in the sense that it usually requires a more extensive preparation, more logistics, a longer travel time frame, the crossing of continental bridges and major oceans (such as the Atlantic or the Pacific), and the need to travel through regions that are culturally very different from the departure country or continent. Most intercontinental tour riders tend to use specific types of dual-sport motorcycles that are known for their heavy duty reliability and ability to handle all types of terrains, although some riders have become famous for touring the world with unusual means such as cruiser bikes. Like for any form of tourism, intercontinental motorcycle touring styles vary greatly from rider to rider. Some aim at completing their adventures in a limited amount of time while others will travel for years and, sometimes, decades. Some will want to overcome major technical or political challenges, ride for a cause and heavily publicize their adventure, while other will prefer the anonymity or the solitude of the lone rider.


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