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In this section we will discuss some of the important elements to selecting an LMS Vendor. Many organizations spend millions of dollars in trying to find the right company to customize a learning management solution.

There are several different sources online that tell you how to select an LMS Vendor. Throughout the search with my employer I found various resources that were helpful. These resources provide information on defining a Learning Management System and selecting a vendor. This section will deal primarily with selecting an LMS vendor.

10 Steps to Successful Vendor Selection[edit]

1. Determine and document your business requirements
2. Research Vendors
3. Conduct Vendor Demonstrations
4. Narrow Down your Potential Vendors
5. Conduct a LMS Needs Assessment
6. Develop and Distribute the Purchase Requisition
7. Prepare for Any Cultural Changes
8. Narrow Your List and Evaluate Proposals
9. Conduct Final Presentations
10. Negotiate the Contract

Determining Business Requirements[edit]

Determining your business requirements is the most crucial step in selecting a LMS vendor. If you don't know your requirements you won't be able to effectively communicate them to vendors. Here's a few important points about your business requirements:

  • Document them - don't try to go from memory on what you think you need.
  • First began by documenting your current state - how you conduct business today.
  • Next record your future state - where you would like to be.

Consider how an LMS will help bridge the gap and enable you to meet your goals.

Researching Vendors[edit]

It is very easy to research vendors with the wealth of information that is online. However, just because you find a vendor online, how will you know that vendor will meet the needs of your company. Inside of blindly searching for a vendor, the best method is to leverage industry standards or other companies with similar goals and objectives.

Conducting Vendor Demonstrations[edit]

One of the most time consuming aspects of working with vendors is the demonstrations and presentations. Below you can find some helpful information on making this process more efficient for you.

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