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Inorganic Chemistry | Transition Metals | Catalysis

Purpose and mission

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This book should become the gold standard of inorganic chemistry texts in the areas of accuracy, usability, flexibility, and connection with its audience. As this text is developed it will always be available online, be printable, and freely distributable. This text should eliminate all or much of the cost for owning an up-to-the-minute, top-quality college-level inorganic chemistry text, as it and all its derivative works will remain free: free as in speech as well as free as in beer. Although you could pay for a printed version if you wanted to.

Content and Contributions

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This is, to the best of our knowledge, the world's first and only open content inorganic chemistry textbook. Its users will tweak and refine this book until there is no better book. We are confident that this will happen because the process has already been seen to work many times on the Wikipedia site.

All content contained herein is available under licences that allow free distribution. You can copy it, print it, sell it, and create derivative works from it.

Our restriction: if you create derivative works, make them available to others in a way that they can easily copy and distribute them, as we have done for you.

We link to some pages outside our server. Any of this content not found under the Wikipedia site and subsites is not ensured to be under the same license, it in fact is most likely not.


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The initiator of this project is JaF893. At the time of writing (3/9/03) I have been the sole contributor but as time goes on it will become a group project "of the people" as many contribute and improve it by bits and pieces. EDIT (3/10/03) - Karl Wick has edited some of the pages and created an automatic table of contents.


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All work in this book is released at the moment only under the GNU FDL license. However this is only one of many similar open content licenses, and may not be the license of choice for everyone. To take content written by JaF893 from this book for release under other licenses please contact the author through this page's associated talk page.