Indian Mythology/Ramayana

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Ramayana is the second largest Indian epic, after Mahabharatha.

Story outline[edit]

Ramayana is the story of one of the incarnations of lord Vishnu, that of Rama. Rama is born as the eldest son of the king Dasharatha, and is heir to the kingdom. During his childhood, he travels with his teacher, Vishwamitra, and learns the art of war and righthood. He marries Sita, who is depicted as the human incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. Later, when time comes for him to be the king, his step-mother intervenes and claims the throne for her son, Bharatha, who is a brother to Rama. Rama gladly gives up the throne and goes into exile for 14 years with his wife and brother Lakshmana. During his exile, the evil king of Lanka, Ravana, falls in love with Seetha, and kidnaps her. Rama and Lakshmana team up with the king of apes, Sugreeva, and storm the island of Lanka. A fierce battle ensues, in which Lakshmana kills Ravana's son, Indrajit, and in the final part, Rama kills Ravana. For generations, Hindus believe Rama as 'Purushotham', means best amongst humans.