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Books[edit | edit source]

Previous years questions[edit | edit source]

Primary sector industries[edit | edit source]

Whereas the British planters had developed tea gardens all along the Shivaliks and Lesser Himalayas from Assam to Himachal Pradesh, in effect they did not succeed beyond the Darjeeling area. Explain. (150 words) [2014]

Why did the Green Revolution in India virtually by-pass the eastern region despite fertile soil and good availability of water? (150 words) [2014]

Secondary sector industries[edit | edit source]

Do you agree that there is a growing trend of opening new sugar mills in southern States of India? Discuss with justification. (100 words) [2013]

Analyze the factors for the highly decentralized cotton textile industry in India. (100 words) [2013]

Account for the change in the spatial pattern of the Iron and Steel industry in the world. (150 words) [2014]

Tertiary sector industries[edit | edit source]