Immigrating to Canada/Skilled Worker Class

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Government of Canada had a significant interest to encourage people with valuable skills to immigrate to Canada. It was for this reason that they created the Federal Skilled Worker class of immigrant to allow those with sufficient language skills, education, and experience in an occupation that is needed in Canada, to enter the country.

Basic requirements[edit | edit source]

An applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker program need not have a job already, but only must show that they are skilled enough to contribute to Canada.

Application procedure[edit | edit source]

To be eligable to apply as a Federal Skilled Worker the applicant must:

  • be 18 years old or more.
  • meet the required amount of assets given the size of the family.
  • have a score of at least 67 on the required factors.
  • have a medical examination and security clearance for the applicant and all dependants.

Minimum Assets[edit | edit source]

The applicant must show that they possess a minimum amount of assets in their bank account. The amount depends on the number of family members. These amounts can be waived if the applicant already has arranged employment.

number of family members 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
funds (CAD) 10,168 12,659 15,563 18,895 21,431 24,170 26,910

[table last checked on March 24, 2006]

Point System[edit | edit source]

Acceptance to the federal skilled worker program depends entirely on the score awarded from a set of criteria. An applicant needs at least a score of 67 combined from the points calculated from five factors: Education (max 25pts), Language Skills (max 24pts), Experience Age(max 21pts), Arranged Employment (max 10pts), and Adaptability (max 10pts).

Alternative to the point system[edit | edit source]

In the case where the applicant does not have the required number of points, they may still make a request for "Substituted Evaluation". The immigration officer has the discretion to accept an applicant if the applicant can show that they are able to become "economically established" in Canada.

Forms[edit | edit source]

The government offers a guide to fill out the application, much of which will mirror what is in this section.

The following are the forms that are needed:

  1. Application for Permanent Residence in Canada (IMM 0008) form
  2. Schedule 1: Background/Declaration (IMM 0008 SCHEDULE 1) form
  3. Additional Family Information [IMM 5406] form
  4. Use of a Representative [IMM 5476] (optional) form

Processing times[edit | edit source]

All applications are mailed to the processing center in Buffalo, New York.

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