Immigrating to Canada/Application to sponsor and Undertaking (IMM 1344A)

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  • To be filled out by Sponsor


Question 1

"proceed with the application for permanent residence": if you do not qualify as a sponsor the PR application will be processed and refused. No fees will be repaid. There is a right of appeal.
"withdraw your sponsorship": if you do not qualify as a sponsor you will receive all payments except $75.

(see p. 14 of Sponsor Guide)

Question 8

Legally separated: ?live away from wife for a year?
Annulled marriage: marriage never existed
Common law: living in the same place for 12 months

Question 9

Only need more recent marriage/partnership that does not currently exist

Question 11

The record of Landing/confirmation of permanent residence # should be found on the PR card.


  • If sponsoring spouse/partner you CANNOT have co-signer
  • Not needed if sponsoring dependents who do not have their own dependents.
  • Co-signer takes part responsibility. Often can be used to meet financial minimum limit, jointly.


    • Cannot be denied based on financial situation