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Describing yourself and others[edit | edit source]

  • Ramon es inteligenta, ma ociema. Ramon is intelligent but lazy.
  • La long-hara viro ne es vicino di Xavier. The long-haired man is not Xavier's neighbour.
  • Quante vu evas? How old are you?
  • Elua matro evas sisadek e sep yari. Her mother is sixty seven years old.
  • Sioro Schenck es mez-eva viro. Mr. Schenck is a middle-aged man.
  • Lua grand-eva genitori habitas en Leipzig. His elderly parents live in Leipzig.
  • Ka vu vidis la preske sen-hara hundo? Did you see the almost hairless dog?
  • Elu havas sanguina temperamento. She has a sanguine disposition (or temperament).