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Greetings, Introduction, and Goodbyes[edit | edit source]

Bona jorno Hello (Good day)
Bona vespero Good evening
Bona nokto Good night
Til rivido Good-bye (Until we meet again)
Quale vu standas? How are you?
Tre bone danko Very well thank you.

Konversado[edit | edit source]

Here is a conversation between two people.
A: Bona jorno! Quale vu standas? Hello! How are you?
M: Tre bone, danko. Quale vu nomesas? Very well, thank you. What is your name?
A: Me nomesas Andre. E vu? I am (called) Andre. And you?
M: Me nomesas Mei Hwa Wang. Ube vu habitas? My name is Mei Hwa Wang. Where do you live?
A: Me habitas Paris. Ka vu anke? I live in Paris. Do you also?
M: No, me habitas Atlanta, Usa. Me lojas en Paris nur por un monato. No, I live in Atlanta, Usa. I am staying in Paris only for a month.
A: Bone! Ho! Yen la autobuso. Me mustas irar. Til rivido! Great! Oh! Here comes the bus. I must go. Good-bye!
M: Til rivido! Good-bye!