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iPhoto and the Big Picture

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It's important to understand how each iLife app fits in with the other five. After all, part of iLife's allure is that everything is tightly integrated.

iPhoto is in charge of:

  • Organizing your digital photo collection.
  • Touching up photos so that they look as nice as possible.
  • Creating slideshows for display on a computer or a DVD.
  • Outputting photos as prints or gifts.

iPhoto provides:

  • Photos for iDVD menus.
  • Slideshows for iDVD to burn to a DVD.
  • Photos for iWeb sites.
  • Photos for iMovie HD movies.
  • Photos for GarageBand podcasts.
  • Photos for iTunes to put on an iPod.

iPhoto relies on:

  • iTunes to provide background music for photo slideshows.


[edit | edit source]
  1. The iPhoto Interface
  2. Getting Photos In
  3. Organizing Photos
  4. Fixing Photos
  5. Sharing Photos
  6. iPhoto Tricks