IGNOU Question Paper Solutions/MCA/Semester 1/MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming/December 2008

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  • MCA (Revised)
  • Term-End Examination
  • December 2008
  • Time : 3 hourse
  • Maximum Marks : 100
  • Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Answer any three questions from the rest.
  • 1.(a) Design an algorithm, draw a corresponding flowchart and then write a program in C to convert a given string to lower case. [10 marks]
  • 1.(b) Write an algorithm and program in C to generate filbonacci series. Use recursion. [10 marks]
  • 1.(c)Draw a flowchart and write a program in C to calculate the number of vowels in a given string. [10 marks]
  • 1.(d) What do you mean by 'array of pointers' ? Write a program in C to calculate the difference of the corresponding elements of two arrays of integers of same size. [10 marks]
  • 2.(a)Write the usage of the following (with an example of each): [5 marks]
     (i) #define
     (ii) enum                
  • 2(b)Write a macro for the following: [7 marks]
(i) To find the smallest number among 3 given numbers.
(ii) To find the factorial of a given number                                
  • 2(c) What are the differences between structure and union ? Give one illustrative example of usage of the union. [8 marks]
  • 3(a) Write a program in C, using structures to generate a report for employees which displays the total salary, designation, department,etc. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. [8 marks]
  • 3(b) Write a program to read formatted data from the file. [6 marks]
  • 3(c)Give a brief note on null pointer assignment. Write a program in 'C' to illustrate this concept.

[6 marks]

  • 4(a) Write a program which reads a file and counts the number of lines and words in the file, assuming that a line can contain at most 80 characters.

[8 marks]

  • 4(b)Give differences between :
                   (i) Sequential and Random Access files
                   (ii) Global variable and Local variable                                        
  • 4(c) Write a program and flowchart to display the following pattern : [6 marks]
                   2   3
                   4   5    6   
                   7   8    9    10
                   11   12   13   14   15
                   16   17   18   19   20   21
                   5                                        *5(a) Write a program in C to find the difference between two matrices of size (3 x 3).   [5 marks]                
  • 5 (b) Write a program in C to sort a given list of numbers using bubble sort. Draw corresponding flowchart also. [7 marks]
  • 5 (c)Explain meaning of following prototypes and mention return data type of each of them : [8 marks]
                   (i) int (*f) (char*);
                   (ii) int *f (char*);
                   (iii) doule f (int a, int b, char c);
                   (iv) unsigned f();