ICT for Disaster Management/About the Author

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Chanuka Wattegama, an electronics engineer, graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India and holds an MBA from the University of Colombo. He counts more than 13 years’ experience at the specialist and senior management levels. His specialization is ICT and its applications for development. He is also one of the key ICT for Development researchers in Sri Lanka, with several international-level publications to his credit. Chanuka works for UNDP-APDIP, which aims to promote ICT for sustainable human development. He is a member of the Technical Committee of APCICT. He has also worked as a consultant for the Information and Communication Technology Agency and the apex body for ICT-related activities in Sri Lanka, leading one of its largest projects. As a researcher, Chanuka has co-authored the Sri Lankan chapters for the books ‘Media in Asia’, ‘Internet in Asia’,‘Cyber Communities in Asia’ and ‘Digital Review of Asia Pacific’.