IB Biology Practical Investigations/The Chemistry of Life/Virtual Elodea Lab 1

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VIRTUAL ELODEA LAB[edit | edit source]

Suitable for a single-session, exam-condition assessment.

Other similar programmes are available on the internet.


  • Old guide: Pl(a), DC, DPP
  • New guide:DCP


  • 'Science Investigations 1' from Focus Educational Software (2002)
  • Stack of lined paper and graph paper.
  • Computers/ laptops for students.

INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS[edit | edit source]

1. Run a demonstration trial with median settings for each variable.

2. Complete the aim and hypothesis.

3. Collect the software from the teacher

4. Complete the data collection, processing and presentation sections.

5. Write a brief conclusion outlining the significance of the results.

6. Reference sources appropriately.

OTHER NOTES[edit | edit source]

To achieve marks for 'MS', you might try the practical for real, though getting worthy data from Elodea can be time-consuming and random. The data used for the DPP section could be generated by the software.