Summary of The USA and Containment in Asia

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Case study 1: Korea[edit]

Case study 2: Japan[edit]

Was containment a success in Japan?[edit]

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Case study 3: Taiwan[edit]

Was containment a success in Taiwan?[edit]

Case study 4: An in-depth study of the USA and containment in Vietnam[edit]

How did the United States become involved?[edit]

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How did President Kennedy widen the conflict?[edit]

Why did President Johnson continue the Vietnam War? Was it Johnson's war?[edit]

The Great Society and the 'credibility gap'[edit]

The Tet Offensive[edit]

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Did President Nixon achieve 'peace with honour'?[edit]

The Paris Peace Talks[edit]

Was Vietnam a failure of the American policy of containment? Historians' views[edit]

Conclusions on the U.S. policy of containment in Asia[edit]