Summary of The Results of World War I

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The impact of war on Europe: the situation in 1919[edit]

The human cost of war[edit]

Economic consequences[edit]

Political consequences[edit]



The Habsburg Empire[edit]


Impact of war outside of Europe: the situation in 1919[edit]


Japan and China[edit]

Problems facing the peacemakers in 1919[edit]

The aims of the peacemakers[edit]

The Armistice settlement and the mood of the German population[edit]

The popular mood in Britain, France, Italy, and the USA[edit]

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles[edit]

War guilt[edit]


Territorial changes[edit]



Punishment of war criminals[edit]

What was the contemporary response to the Treaty of Versailles?[edit]

Criticisms of the Treaty of Versailles[edit]

The issue of war guilt[edit]

Disarmament clauses[edit]

Reparations and loss of key resources[edit]

Territorial changes to satisfy the issue of self-determination[edit]

Removal of colonies[edit]

League of Nations[edit]

Alternative views of the Treaty of Versailles[edit]

Settlement of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe[edit]

The Treaty of St Germain (1919)[edit]

The Treaty of Trianon (1920)[edit]

The Treaty of Neuilly (1919)[edit]

The Treaty of Sevres (1920)[edit]

Thee Treaty of Laussane (1923)[edit]

What were the criticisms of the peace settlements in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe?[edit]

What was the impact of the war and the peace treaties by the early 1920s?[edit]

Political issues[edit]

Economic issues[edit]

Social changes[edit]