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With the code element you can define, as the name says, code. This could be any code, PHP, C++, HTML anything. Anywhere you have some code in a line of text you should use a code element to indicate it, e.g.

The html element must contain exactly one body element.

Using the element consistently allows you to specify a special layout in CSS for code.

If you are writing an article that uses code you will probably want to use the related elements:

a variable in computer code;
text the reader should type at the keyboard;
sample output from a program or script.


<code><?php echo 'Hello World!';?></code>

Multi-line blocks of code should be wrapped in a pre element to preserve formatting.

  // Prints the authors' names as
  //  surname, forename
  for (Iterator i = authorList.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
    Person author = (Person)i.next();
    System.out.println(author.surname() + ", " + author.forename());

Standard attributes[edit]

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