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You can assign a snowmelt boundary condition to faces in the specified set. These faces should be part of the overland flow domain and are typically located on the outer boundary.

The following instructions can be used as input to the Type instruction inside the Boundary condition...End instruction group to assign snowmelt boundary conditions:


[edit | edit source]

Sets the input type to be a snowmelt boundary condition.

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For example:

boundary condition

    face set

    time value table
    !  time             snowfall             air temperature
        0               2.5848E-07           -7
        2592000         2.0447E-07           -6.1
        5184000         2.5463E-07           -0.9
        7776000         0                     6.2
        10368000        0                    12.9
        12960000        0                    18
        15552000        0                    20.2
        18144000        0                    19.3
        20736000        0                    14.8
        23328000        0                     8.6
        25920000        0                     2.4
        28512000        2.7006E-07           -4
        31104000        2.7006E-07           -4


    snowmelt constants
    100.0d0        ! snow density
    5.78704E-06    ! melting constant
    0.0            ! sublimation constant
    0.0            ! threshold temperature
    0.1            ! initial snow depth
    tecplot output


This example shows the use of a time value table instruction to define the snowfall and air temperature values with the density of snow, melting constant, the rate of sublimation, threshold temperature, and the initial snow depth being assigned with snowmelt constants instruction.

Snowmelt Constants

[edit | edit source]
  1. snow_rho Snow density [M L−3]. the results of the previous flow solution.
  2. snow_melt Snow melting constant.
  3. snow_sublimation Snow sublimation constant.
  4. snow_threshold_temp Snow threshold temperature.
  5. snow_initial_depth Initial snow depth [L].

The snowmelt constants command requires 5 values for the snow density, melting constant, sublimation constant, threshold temperature, and initial snow depth. The five snow parameters must be listed in the above order for correct reading by grok.

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