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The Middle Row is the row that has a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, and ;.

f and j[edit]

Step 1: Place your two index fingers on the f and j and look at Notepad. You will know where they are by the bumps on the key.

Step 2: Practice f and j by doing this:


The Spacebar[edit]

The Spacebar is used to put spaces through words.

Step 1: Put your two thumbs on the space bar and use them when you need to.

Step 2: Practice like this:

fff jjj jjf ffj fjfj fj jf ff jj

d, s, a, k, l, and ;[edit]

Step 1: Put your middle fingers on d and k and practice like this:

fd df jk kj fk fj jf kf jd dj

Step 2: Put your ring fingers on s and l and practice like:

ffddss ssddff jjkkll llkkjj sl ls

Step 3: Put your pinkies on a and ; and practice like:

ffddssaa jjkkll;; ;;llkkjj aassddff fjdksla; a;sldkfj

g and h[edit]

Step 1: Use your index fingers to shift from f to g, and j to h. Like so:

fdsa fgf jkl; jhj asdf gfg ;lkj hjh

Your first words[edit]

Step 1: Practice these words:

lass; gas; had; lad

You have now qualified to Lesson 2, "The ends of the top".