How to Type/Introduction to Typing

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In the good old days of mechanical typewriter, typing used to be a skill possessed by very few. But with computers becoming accessible for masses, typing has become an everyday activity. While pressing keys to input text is simple, doing it accurately and at fast speeds without looking at the keyboard is what is necessary.

This book will help you to:

  • Learn how to type efficiently
  • Type at faster speeds

Learning how to type efficiently is a key player in typing for preventing situations like:

  • Making a mistake while typing.
  • Accidentally deleting text.

Typing at faster speeds can be a real life saver. For example, meeting a deadline. When fingers are trained to hit the right keys as soon as a word comes to the mind, typing will of course be faster compared to the situation when the user has to hunt and pick the letters. The skill of typing can prove to be of immense help at home, school, work, your office, and even at Starbucks!

So learning how to type is becoming a life-skill. Typing doesn't take much time to learn, just a few hours if you're ready.

Finding a good program for typing[edit | edit source]

Any text editor can be used to learn typing as described in this book.