How to Solve the Rubik's Cube/Beginner2

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  • Cubie- one of the small cubes inside the giant one
  • Solved- an edge is considered solved if each side is next to the right center (eg. the red-yellow edge is between the red and yellow centers)
  • Center- the cubie in the center of each side, they don't move relative to each other

Scrambling the Cube[edit]

For consistency's sake, we will all scramble our cube as such for this Wikibook with White being the front and blue on top:

U B′ R2 D′ U′ R U2 B R′ B2 L2 R F2 R2 U2 R B U2 F2 L2 F2 D R B2 R2

Step One- The Cross[edit]

The goal of this step is to make a plus sign out of solved edges.

Step 1a[edit]

Pick a color. We will use white. When you get good, it is advisable to pick the color to the cube.

Step 1b[edit]

Make the cross. Unfortunately, there are no patterns (from here on, algorithms) for this step

R' U L F' R' B' U' L U

Turn the cube so the cross is on bottom before you proceed.

Step Two- F2L[edit]