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How to Live in Britain

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This book is a guide and resource for those who intend to live in the United Kingdom, not only for those that want to come to Britain from other countries and cultures, but also for those who are growing up in Britain and want to know more about the land in which they live. Relevant British laws, society, geography, traditions and values, among many other key aspects of life, will be approached from two angles; how to best integrate with and support British society and how to get the best from society for yourself.

This is not intended as a tourist's guide, though there is nothing to prevent it from being used in this manner. As English is the most commonly spoken language in the UK, knowledge of English is vital for substantial communication across the social spectrum, so to that end the book is written in English, and therefore at least conversational knowledge of English is required.

The book aims to be as neutral and non-judgemental as possible, while being a true and useful source of information. This is not necessarily a complete source of information, many of the chapters can and do have large numbers of books written about the subject they concern, but links and references will be provided where possible.

For those that do not wish to integrate with society in the UK, the choice remains with you whether to read this book and what to take from it. For those that do, I hope that you find this book a useful resource; please feel free to make suggestions or edit the book yourself if you feel something is missing.

The United Kingdom


How to Live

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Being Successful

Making a Difference

Births, Marriages and Deaths - Personal Life