How to Frame a Picture/Equipment required

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Equipment suggested for picture framing[edit]

  • Sharp pencil (2B recommended, as it will leave clear sharp lines)
  • Notebook (for recording colours for matboard, frame types and measurements - and for calculating costs)
  • Retractable tape measure
  • Metal ruler
  • Sharp knife
Retractable snap-off bladed knife works well.

Frame cutting and assembly[edit]

  • Mitre saw, or guillotine
  • Bounding tape thing
  • Corner tacking gun, with tacks

Glass cutting[edit]

  • Oil filled glass cutter
  • Cotton gloves

Mat cutting[edit]

  • Square and rightangle ruler based cutter
Note: a ruler and a knife just doesn't cut it ;)

Advanced stuff[edit]

Sample mat board collection[edit]


Mat board[edit]

The spare mat board is easy to store in an old map drawer cabinet. These can be often be picked up at ex-government furniture stores.


Frame material[edit]

Standing against the wall, or up in the rafters.