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Millennium is an integrated library system written and maintained by the company Innovative Interfaces, Inc. It is the software that libraries buy and it is where they place their catalog records for library items. The operators and fields are similar across most Millenium installations.

Boolean Operators[edit | edit source]

Syntax Example
AND and
skunk and tomato
OR or
skunk or tomato
NOT not
skunk not tomato

Other Operators[edit | edit source]

Syntax Example Description
skunk smell removal
phrase search
  • ||
Truncation for 1-5 characters if placed at the end of a word.
Wildcard for 1 character if placed in the middle of a word.
    • ||
Truncation for 6 or more characters.
(Washington or Jefferson) and (constitution or declaration)
word grouping; order of operation
skunk near tomato
proximity search that find two word, in any order, which are close to one another
within # skunk within 5 tomato proximity search that finds two words, in any order, which are within the set range of words.

Search Fields[edit | edit source]

Syntax Example Description
a: Washington
Searches the author field.
t: skunk
Searches the title field.
s: tomato
Searches the subject field.
n: core curriculum 
Searches the other notes field.