How To Become A Good Student/Chapter 3 - Behavior

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Etiquette is behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.
—Will Cuppy

Manners, The One Behind Your True Reputation[edit | edit source]

Whether you are a president at a conference or a normal guy in the street, your reputation is what your respect determines it all and the one behind your reputation is "Manners". Manners is almost everything you can represent at a meeting or anywhere in the world other than your contributions. Excellent behavior leads to excellent results. Behavior also determines the quality & dignity a person has. Behavior is developed easily in students, though it takes time.

Ways To Behave[edit | edit source]

Good behavior should become a way of life, not just something that is shown or talked about. The ways to behave differs from situation to situation, for example.

If a man talks to you by saying "Hello!" or "Good Evening!" or "Good Afternoon!", your reply will absolutely be positive like " Hello! Nice to meet you too!"

Situations can be of two types:-

1.) Positive Situations - As illustrated in the example given above

2.) Negative Situations -

Example:- If someone teases you, you'll probably say a negative reply like "Stop teasing me, you idiot!!!"

Although someone can arise you to say a negative reply, you can say a reply which is not rude but still negative.

Example:- Watch "MTV's Boiling Points". In a situation, you'll see that the one who passes the time of the Boiling Point always/probably uses negative replies which aren't rude.

Behaving At School/University[edit | edit source]

So how does all this behavior fit into your education? Well first of all you may find it much easier to deal with pressure, and you won't take it out on the people you love, but you can also use it to win the favour of your teacher. Giving out a pleasant, positive atmosphere is sure to make you stand out in your classes, and your teachers may be more willing to help you succeed.

So always try your best to be on your best behavior, no matter wherever you are, because it determines your respect in the world. Let's move onto management.