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You can houseclean. You can houseclean for exercise. You can houseclean to accomplish something. You can houseclean to enjoy a cleaner house.

Throw away indoor litter[edit]

Put on rubber gloves, grab a plastic trash bag or some paper bags, and throw away the litter. Do this first because it’s easy to decide where to put litter.

Put away belongings[edit]

Put books back on the book shelf. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or sink. Put dirty clothes in the hamper. Hangs up coats and so forth.

If you notice useless junk, throw it away. If you notice clutter you could sell or donate someplace, remember to do so after you clean it.


Get some dust cloths and wipe the furniture and other hard surfaces to remove the dust. Use the upholstery nozzle on the vacuum cleaner’s hose to dust drapery and fabric furniture. Vacuum the carpet with the rotating brushes flicking it. Vacuum other floors with the brushes up, or use a dust mop.

Wash surfaces, clothes & dishes[edit]

Wipe off the dust stuck on wood furniture with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Wash dirty kitchen counters and other kitchen surfaces with soap mixed in water. Use the water in the bucket to wash the cloth or sponge. When the water gets dirty , change it. Wash the bathroom also.

You could also spray the cleaning solution on the surface and remove it from the surface with the cloth or sponge. This saves the time that would be used changing the water in the bucket.

Also, wash the dishes and the laundry.


You might not be able to do all the cleaning in one session. So what? The trick is to do some of it now.

Also, for those of us who didn’t take home economics, there are books on cleaning in book stores. Ask a clerk where the store keeps them.