House Construction/Exterior details

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Exterior details[edit | edit source]

Exterior Wall Surfaces[edit | edit source]

Materials as Stucco, Brick, Stone, Wood Clapboard and Shingle are all cladding products. Modern wood frame construction requires the installation of a weather-resistive-barrier (WRB) under the cladding. The WRB provides the primary function of protecting the structure from water.

Exterior Cast Stone[edit | edit source]

Door/Window Surrounds, Eaves, Balconies, Columns/Pilasters and Steps/Coping

Exterior Openings[edit | edit source]

Installation of Exterior Windows, Doors, Roof Hatch and Skylights requires weather proofing be at its best.

Door & Window Hardware[edit | edit source]

Installation of Door Hinges, Knobs/Lever, Cremone/Lock, Thresholds and Window Locks/Cranks "Taqi". Although older houses may still contain single glazed wooden framed windows and doors; modern house usually have a steel or aluminum reinforced uPVC framed double glazed system. These window systems are fixed to the preformed concrete ope by use of usually a galvanized steel fixing bracket which clips to the frame of the window or door and is fix back to reveal.

The window will sit either on the upstand of a pre-cast concrete cill or onto a PVC of aluminum PPC cill. A silicone sealant or expandable foam can be used to weather the window or door once in place.

Doors may have to be sunk a few millimeters in order to achieve the correct height of threshold depending on building regulations governing the use of the door.