Veronica persica

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Veronica persica
Veronica persica

Field Speedwell
Veronica persica 060403Fw.jpg
Binomial:Veronica persica

Veronica persica (also Persian speedwell, Large Field Speedwell, or Bird's-eye) is an annual or winter annual native to Eurasia, but also widespread in the United States, and east Asia (including Japan).

Description[edit | edit source]

The seed leaves are broadly triangular cotyledons, with truncated base. The short-stalked leaves are broadly ovate, having coarsely serrated margins. V. persica has weak stems that form a dense, prostrate ground cover. Tips of stems are often ascending. Leaves on the lower stems are paired, but are alternate on the upper portion of the stem. The short-petioled leaves are longer than they are broad and coarsely toothed.

The flowers are sky-blue with dark stripes and a white center, and they are zygomorphic (they only have one plane of symmetry, which is vertical). They are solitary on long, slender, hairy stalks in the leaf axils. The fruits are heart-shaped and hairy.

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Unripe fruit of Veronica persica

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