Horticulture/Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening (also called Organic Horticulture) is a growing practice among gardeners around the world, as an alternative to gardening through the use of synthetic chemicals. This wikibook contains techniques and tips for gardeners wishing to use organic methods.

While the movement behind organic gardening began as a "back to basics" movement, over the past several decades the practice has become enriched by scientific research in the fields of ecology, ethnobotany, microbiology, and agronomy.

The practice of organic gardening can be described as "gardening with a limited toolbox", since organic gardeners do not use synthetic fertilizers or other synthetic chemicals. Non-synthetic fertilisers and chemicals can be used, however, depending on the gardeners preference.

Horticulture does not (at least presently) have separate pages for organic gardeners, but rather points out the "organic remedies" when a particular issue is discussed.

  • Why grow organic?
  • General differences in approach
  • List of organic fertilizers
  • List of organic herbicides
  • List of organic pest controls
  • Beneficial organisms
  • List of organic disease controls