Nepeta x faassenii

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Nepeta x faassenii
Nepeta x faassenii

Hybrid Catmint
Binomial:Nepeta x faassenii
Type:Perennial herb

Nepeta × faassenii, a catmint also known as "Faassen's Nepeta" or "Faassen's Catnip", is a hybrid species of garden origin grown as a ground cover, the cross has produced plants that have viable seeds. Numerous cultivars are available in the trade that are produced from seed or by asexual propagation such as stem cuttings or division of clumps.

Description[edit | edit source]

Nepeta x faassenii is an herbaceous plant with opposite, simple, dark green leaves, on square stems. It produces showy blue or white flowers from summer through fall.

Growing Conditions[edit | edit source]

Varieties[edit | edit source]

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Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Nepeta x faassenii 'Kit Kat' catmint

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