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LyriopeSpicata wb.jpg
Genus: Liriope
Family: Ruscaceae
Type: Grass-like perennials
Weediness: Some species spread aggressively.
Pollination: Insect

Liriope is a genus of low, grass-like, flowering plants from East Asia. Some species are often used in landscaping in temperate latitudes. They often called lilyturf in North America, though they are often simply referred to as "Liriopes". Once classified with lilies in the family Liliaceae, genetic studies have caused the genus to be included in Ruscaceae.


Liriopes are grass-like, rhizomatous perennials with broad, strap-like leaves. Flowers are borne on thin scapes, generally at about the same height as the foliage.

Growing conditions[edit]

Full sun to medium shade. Drought tolerant.



Liriope are usually used in the garden for their evergreen foliage.

Some species, e.g., L. spicata, grow aggressively in the right conditions, spreading by runners; hence their nickname, "creeping lilyturf".

Liriope spicata is used as a substitute for Ophiopogon japonicus in Chinese medicine as an herb for yin deficiency.[1]




Pests and diseases[edit]

Crown Rot


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