Helleborus niger

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Helleborus niger
Helleborus niger

Christmas rose
Helleborus niger.JPG
Binomial: Helleborus niger
Genus: Helleborus
Family: Ranunculaceae

The Christmas rose is among the earliest hellebores to bloom, with creamy white flowers and glossy foliage.


Helleborus niger is a low-growing herbaceous plant with evergreen foliage. Leaves are in basal rosettes, dark green and glossy, and palmately lobed.

The flowers are produced on scapes from the crown in winter or very early spring.

Growing Conditions[edit]

Grows best in deciduous shade in deep, moist, humus-rich soils.




Cut off the previous years leaves when they become ratty


By seed or division.

Pests and Diseases[edit]

See Helleborus