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Komkommer plant.jpg
Light requirements:Full
Water requirements:Considerable
Soil requirements:Rich
Propagation:By seed only
Pest issues:Cucumber Beetles
Disease issues:Powdery Mildew, Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Cucumbers are plants in the melon family, which are grown for their fruits picked well before maturity. While they are technically fruits (berries), they are commonly referred to as vegetables.


Cucumbers are a vining plant that is generally grown on "hills" or on trellises. Numerous varieties are available, falling into two main groups: namely the pickling types and the slicing types.

Some cucumbers (including many "Asian" varieties) are quite long, and require trellising to achieve straight fruits.

Growing Conditions[edit]

Cucumbers need full sun, a rich soil, and plenty of water. As vining plants, they require either plenty of room for sprawling, or trellises to grow up on.


Planted in rows, hills, or on trellises.

Hill planting[edit]

Hills are placed 5 ft apart, diameter about 2 ft. Plant 5-6 cucumber seeds or transplants to each hill.

Hills can be made from either rich soils or composts.


Row planting[edit]


  • Use row covers for varieties susceptible to cucumber beetle.
  • Ensure adequate irrigation.
  • Pick fruits regularly to encourage further production.
  • Bury nodes to encourage further rooting.


By seed only.


Pests and Diseases[edit]

Fungal Diseases[edit]

Powdery Mildew

Viral diseases[edit]

Cucumber mosaic virus, vectored by the cucumber beetle.

Arthropod Pests[edit]

Cucumber beetles

Vertebrate Pests[edit]

Environmental Issues[edit]