Horticulture/Book Development Strategies

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This is an outline/stub...:

Linked Web[edit]

  • Special:Wantedpages - as pages are created, redlinks are also created.
    • For example, each page about a genus of plants has links to the pests and diseases affecting plants in that genera. As several genera which share some of the same pests and diseases are created, the "wanted" pest and disease pages move up in the Wantedpages list.
    • When the pest or disease page is created, it will conversely have a list of links to the genera it affects, thus moving the genera pages up in the wantedpages list.

User Participation[edit]

  • "My Garden" pages (helps steer wantedpages)
    • For example, contributors could make lists of the plants or other features found in their own gardens (should be done in userspace).
  • Userboxes
    • On wikibooks, for fun
    • Possibly on wikipedia/wikiversity as well, to attract outside contributors.
  • Wikiprojects on Wikipedia and elsewhere
  • Web forums
  • Universities and vocational schools
  • Agricultural extension services



  • Images showing all aspects
  • Images of garden use (combinations, etc.)


  • Images showing all aspects
  • Images showing damage


  • Images for step-by-step

Learning Materials[edit]