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French-horn.png Horn
  1. Introduction
  2. General Information
  3. Playing Technique
  4. Repertoire
  5. Glossary
  6. Partial List of Authors

The Horn WikiBook was begun on November 24, 2004. It is continuously updated by several authors and is never considered fully complete. The purpose of this book is to inform the reader as to what the horn is, how to make music with it, and provide relevant musical literature.

Per the GNU Free Documentation License, you may freely distribute and reproduce this book. Should this book be copied across the Internet or printed to hardcopy, the authors would appreciate the following:

  • Mentioning Wikibooks as the source
  • A functioning link back to this book (for printed versions: listing the authors)
  • A statement that the text is available under the GNU Free Documentation License
  • A machine-readable version (only required for printed versions if making more than 100 copies)

We hope you enjoy learning about the greatest instrument of them all. Please add to and modify the contents of this book.