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A[edit | edit source]

ADD,ADHD or ADD/h Most of the 10 symptoms of ADHD are similar to the symptoms of lack of omega-3 fatty acids or your body's ability to process it.

  • Take Omega-3 fatty acids fish body oils (GNC has a a Brown Bottle of 360 pills for $20)
  • Second option is Flaxseed (it comes as a seed, or oil or a pill).
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Boron
  • Caffeine, a stimulant, will work for many cases of ADHD in the same way Ritalin does. Many people with mild ADHD symptoms self-medicate with coffee, soft drinks, tea, and other caffeinated drinks.

Alzheimers Prevention

  1. Increase your intake of Niacin from food sources as this may reduce the risk of getting Alzheimers according to a report in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. Good food sources are tomates, carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, milk, chicken, broccoli, tuna and salmon. The recommended daily allowance is 14 mg a day for women and 16 mg a day for men.

B[edit | edit source]

Bad Breath

Some studies have shown eating yogurt, drinking green tea, or chewing cinnamon or sugarless cinnamon gum can also reduce bad breath.

Maintain water levels in the body by drinking several glasses of water a day. Adding lemon juice to your water is refreshing and also beneficial. Parsley is a natural breath freshener when chewed slowly, and is easy to grow at home.

Since a dry mouth can increase bacterial buildup and cause or worsen bad breath, chewing sugarless gum can help with the production of saliva, and thereby help to reduce bad breath.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide as your mouthwash. Use twice a day. Baking soda(gargle)and water with lemon juice(gargle)before bed.

C[edit | edit source]


  1. For a persistant cough use Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouthwash twice a day until symptom improves. Mix with equal amount of water, swish around in mouth for at least 1 minute, gargle and spit out. Use for up to 7 days.

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H[edit | edit source]


  1. Regularly eating local honey may reduce the symptoms of hayfever.
  2. Wear dark glasses outdoors.


  1. Believe it or not, drinking a couple of cups (one big glass) of Gatorade helps cure headaches. Also, a cup of strong coffee with lemon juice added to it will expand your blood vessels. Drinking a large amount of water often helps, since it thins the blood and helps it pass through your body faster. Or, you could try crushing fresh thyme and inhaling the vapors.
  2. Peppermint-oil : drip one to 5 drops on the forehead while lying on your back, then run your fingers through your hair, starting from the place you dripped the oil and going up towards the top of the head, in a sort of gentle massage of the scalp. Doing this while closing your eyes and concentrating on the cold-warm effect of the oil on your skin will slowly "evaporate" the pain.
  3. Pressure: Place one thumb on your forehead between your eyes, place your other thumb on the indented spot at the back of your head, at the top your spine. Simultaniously apply pressure to both spots, holding for three seconds. Repeat this three times consecutively. This should activate pressure points to relieve the headache soon after.


  1. Take a teaspoon of white sugar. Pour on lemon juice to soak it. Eat it off the spoon.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths and on the last breath exhale until nothing at all comes out and at that time drink as much water as you can to the point where you feel like you are going to drown then keep going just a bit longer, its the drowning feeling the will rid you of the hiccups.
  3. Place a little bit of sugar on the back of your tongue. Hiccups.. gone. This works very well on kids and babies!

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S[edit | edit source]

Stomach ache[edit | edit source]

Many home remedy websites list remedies based on acid (such as lemon juice vinegar), but many stomach pain, especially when your stomach is empty, are caused by acid (http://www.mothernature.com/Library/Bookshelf/Books/48/193.cfm). Instead, taking bases such as calcium and baking soda will neutralize the acid.

Over-the-counter pain medication will dull the sensation of pain, but for stomachaches it is often faster, easier, and healthier to fix the cause of the problem.

Sunburn[edit | edit source]

quick relief from the symptoms of sunburn can be obtained through the application of shaving cream to the affected area. in addition to a cooling sensation (best if the product used is methnolated) this remady also helps rehydrate the skin and promotes healing.

A good cure for sun burn is bio yogurt applied to the afflicted area. If the yogurt is taken straight from the fridge it also provides a cooling sensation.

Hydrogen Peroxide will take the sting out of the skin.

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