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General immunity[edit | edit source]

Drinking a reasonable amount of, though not too much, plain, clean water can help control weight gain.[1][2]

A warm, but not super hot, cup of tea contains polyphenols, which can help a body fight off free radicals.[3]

Chicken Soup with vegetables can help relieve nasal congestion and sore throats.[4]

Turmeric is a healthy ingredient, that can give you a slight edge when fighting off inflammation.[5][6]

Sweating in a Sauna regularly can help prevent, but not cure, colds.[7]

Other aspects of health[edit | edit source]

Consuming Thulasi, also known as Holy Basil may assist in reducing stress and contains a number of nutrients.[8]

The smell of Oregano oils can be beneficial for your skin.[9]

If you are otherwise healthy and don't have conditions like diabetes or circulation issues, you may consider wrapping your feet in a cold soaked towel for ten to fifteen minutes, then go to sleep while wearing dry socks on top of cold socks to decrease congestion and promote sleep.[10]

Middle-Ear Infection[edit | edit source]

Cut a heated onion in half and clasp it around the ears for a smoothing effect.[11] Still, this is just a supplementary treatment to a doctor's attention, so please go see a doctor anyway. Untreated ear infections can cause severe scarring of the eardrums and lead to increasing deafness over time!

You should not use Sweet Oil in your ears. It does ease pain briefly, however can feed fungi in your ear, making the problem worse.[12] See a doctor.

Sore Throat[edit | edit source]

Sucking on popsicles or ice cubes can be a cheap and effective way to make sure your throat is moist, soothing the soreness somewhat.[13]

Again, a visit to the doctor is not negotiable, you might need antibiotics.

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