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Television poster (in Russian)

"Around the world with empty pockets" — TV project of the Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk, was carried out with the assistance of the TV and Radio Company "Crimea" (broadcast was in Russian).

About the project[edit | edit source]

Each issue was dedicated to a specific country; the participant of the travel show, answering the questions of the presenters of the program "Morning" (a part of which was this project), live, without preparation told about the intricacies of journeys in the format of a bum tour: about accommodation, meals, the extreme situations that have been experienced, touching upon, in addition to the above, other topics related to long trips and expeditions around the planet.

From October 2014 to November 2015, 13 TV stories were aired, of which only eleven can be seen on the official website of the TV company: the first and second issues were created at the time when the Internet video posting of the TV and Radio Company "Crimea" was just planned.

Instuctional value[edit | edit source]

The video material is intended for optional viewing as part of familiarization with the course of the textbook "Hobo Tourism".

Plots give an additional idea about the subject being studied and, to some extent, can serve as video lessons.

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