History of Woodford and the Surrounding Community/Early Government of the Woodford Community

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The first laws in the Woodford community were the gun laws. Later the United States marshals came here, some of them were from Fort Worth while others were from Paris. The Federal officers were the first enforcement of laws of this community. Some of the other officers were Mr. Holmes Akers first sheriff, Mr. A. W. Speake first County Commissioner, Mr. Jerdy Akers was the delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Woodford. Other officers were J. F. McCants first representative to the State Legislature. Bird Pruitt was the Justice of the Peace, Williams was the first constable of the Woodford community.

The early roads from Woodford to Ardmore were southeast in a straight line from Woodford. These roads were poorly constructed. When the roads were improved the people had to do it themselves.

In the early days the people had to pay taxes according to the business in which they were engaged. The people who were engaged in farming and other forms of small business did not have to pay as much taxes as those who were engaged in a larger business. Harris McClane was the first tax collector for the Chickasaw Nation.

As soon as District 36 was organized the people of the Woodford community voted bonds to build an addition to the old schoolhouse in order to have a high school. The schoolhouse was built in 1921.

Doctor Taylor and Mrs. Speake served on the first school board. Mrs. Taylor was one of the early school teachers; while she was teaching school here Doctor Taylor got acquainted with her and later they were married.

Both of the churches of Woodford were built in 1907, while the Methodist Church was rebuilt in 1929.

The first doctor of the Woodford community was Doctor Miller, later Doctor Taylor came to Woodford and began his practice. Doctor Amerson was another doctor who practiced medicine in Woodford.