History of Western Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethans/The Story of Greek Theatre

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[Note: the purpose of this story is to imaginatorical fiction. Our hope is that students reading it will more easily remember some of the details of Ancient Greek Theatre.]

"Will this work Decilibus? If we change the seating area to that of a hillside?" asked Dionysus.

"Well, uh. Yeah. Sure. Why not. What do you think Acousticus?" hngvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv fjbzsudf vafi\ka One actor in particular that she fancied was Mattus Broderikus. Mattus Broderikus was the best dramatic actor around. He found Orchestrus' antics captivating. The next day, he asked her out and she gladly accepted. Unfortunately, the relationship only lasted a few months before Mattus found the woman of his dreams: Sarah Parkus. The break-uplittle boy, named Skennus, after his grandparents.

Now, Orchestrus demanded child support since Skennus was after all the son of Mattus, but as an actor Mattus was dirt poor and had to find other ways to help out with the child. So, instead of vdxzbvgcyhbsgzfilsdbnfjldzxbfjhyszvdn \azbkuj\agbdi7\an dilk sb\vab\idhn \akldbg\sjdufsi\çzkd bvszjhyvdf\yuadgbs\zkbjhzsigdfxhbdfjlsvbzdjhgysvdbjkzsbdjhvbdsyjvzd mnbzv fyhuvzfryushv bfhjszvdf cyszvd \ac\yuavd \havdhjxsdvjhzsdbuih\idhdhnbad\undsdjnbdkjszlbdukjl\adjsfbhoudbgiudbsgfvuszbfszbnfocbnszufbszn szdgigbda\shnbsdabfdzbidfbidfzbuibgwsefiujbsawfuisn kfuikjb dfgyudgbjhbxbfiubfdtrying to