History of Western Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethans/Props

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The Deux Ex Machina

In many Greek plays a crane, called the Machina, was used to elevate the actors for flying in roles of Gods or Heroes.

Horses were used for chariots and to represent Pegasus. They were usually adorned with elaborate costumes that could make them unruly to control. In at least one play, a pegasus was called for but with the use of the Machina, a dummy was used.

Torches were used to represent the night.

General Fact stage props - Props not used for simulating reality... Used to create dramatic emphasisActors used props to suggest further character development, beyond masks and costumes. A walking stick could suggest old age or spears could suggest military. Skeupoios, or props-makers would provide the actors with the props, and many of the props-makers made their living off this practice.