History of Western Theatre: Greeks to Elizabethans/Plays

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Ajax Written 440 BCE

Antigone Written 442 BCE

Electra Written 410 BCE

Oedipus at Colonus

Oedipus the King Philoctetes Written 409 BCE

The Trachiniae Written 430 BCE


Agamemnon Written 458 BCE

The Choephori Written 450 BCE

Eumenides Written 458 BCE

The Persians Written 472 BCE

Prometheus Bound Written 430 BCE

The Seven Against Thebes Written 467 BCE

The Suppliants Written ca. 463 BCE


Alcestis Written 438 BCE

Andromache Written 428-24 BCE

The Bacchantes Written 410 BC.

The Cyclops Written ca. 408 BCE

Electra Written 420-410 BCE

Hecuba Written 424 BCE

Helen Written 412 BCE

The Heracleidae Written ca. 429 BCE

Heracles Written 421-416 BCE

Hippolytus Written 428 BCE

Ion Written 414-412 BCE

Iphigenia At Aulis Written 410 BCE

Iphigenia in Tauris Written 414-412 BCE

Medea Written 431 BCE

Orestes Written 408 BCE

The Phoenissa Written 411-409 BCE

Rhesus Written 450 BCE

The Suppliants Written 422 BCE

The Trojan Women Written 415 BCE


The Acharnians Written 425 BCE

The Birds Written 414 BCE

The Clouds Written 419 BCE

The Ecclesiazusae Written 390 BCE

The Frogs Written 405 BCE

The Knights Written 424 BCE

Peace Written 421 BCE

Plutus Written 380 BCE

The Thesmophoriazusae Written 411 BCE

The Wasps Written 422 BCE