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In Mt. Volta, there lived two types of people. The ones who saved their money and were always "potential" candidates for robbery and the "kinetics," a gang of young electrons that always liked to steal the "jeules" from the calm, yet saving potential People. In a way, there always seemed to be the same number of jeules between the two because everytime the kinetics robbed from the potentials, they always seemed to spend jeules at the stores of the potentals.

Similarly, Potential energy is stored energy (people who like to save their jeules) and Kinetic Energy is energy being used.

Energy, when it is tranferred, can be thought about in the following ways:

Electrical energy-The type which runs your mp3 players and personal electronics Mechanical energy-What is takes to move something. Heat energy-The warmth in your cup of hot chocolate. Wave energy-These are the vibrations you feel from music or sound and make listening possible. More than sounds are wave energy.

in this case, you will be studying the energy involved with motion. In essence, their are two types of energy you will be studying:

Potential Energy (U)-The energy you store up. A measure of what could happen.

Kinetic Energy (K)-The energy you use.

Did you notice that both the equation are the same? Well you observed right because in the world their is this concept called "conservation of energy" which means no amount of energy is created or lost in the process. Similarly, we mentioned that Jeules always seemed to be saved and spent at the same time. So, can we say

Potential Energy = Kinetic Energy

of COURSE we can!!