High School Physics/Electric Circuits

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"Once upon a time, there were two types of people. The people of toaster town and the people of Glove town. Every so while, a person from each town would observe each others differences, perhaps wanting to move to live a lifestyle which is good for them. People from toaster town observed that people in glove town typically "had no energy." The people of the town were very slow moving and conservative. They tended to resist the advances in Toaster town because they thought "Energy will destroy the very meaning of our life." Thus, they enacted the "no moving electrons" law and thus all the people in the town stayed at home, preferring to abundantly stare at the wall.

Similarly, the people from Glove town observed that people in Toaster town tended to have "lots of energy." Being liberal, they embraced the concept of "energy" and typically have places called "Energy bucks" to give them energy to live their fast placed life. Everybody tended to walk very fast and seemed to work as delivery people, giving "current" to others and living their own happy lives.

  • (higher) resistances, (Less) current
  • (lower) resistances, (higher) current

Similarly, the people of both the towns are there to represent a key point in electrical circuits: Ohm Law. What basically Ohms law says is that if the resistance is higher, than the current will be lower. Conversely, if resistance is lower, than the current will be higher. As you you can see, there are generally two types (in actuality there are more, but for the sake of learning) Inductors and conductors. Inductors, as represented as "glove" town, tend to have very high resistances and don't tend to pass too much electrons from one point to another. Conductors, as represented as "Toaster" town, tend to have lower resistances and pass electrons of current easier easier.

Atomic Representation of Inductors.

(ex) Heavy metal Concerts: no passes

Inductors are basically molecular "bouncers" that don't tend to accept electrons from one point to another.

Atomic Representation of Conductors.

(ex) Heavy Metal Concerts: with passes

Conductors are like the young, rich, electrons that pass freely through the metal gates and thus enjoy the concert freely.

Just in case you didn't know: Don't touch the inside of your computer without touching metal!!

The most apparent form of electricity for a majority of mankind has been this force called "static electricity." As young children, we used have fun and rub our feet over the carpet and thus shock our friends which this intense shock (though, not enough to harm you). As you have grown older, likely you would have gotten this shock when touching your car door. Here is an experiment in which you want to consider.

FEET (hippy like conductors) Try this experiment with no shoes and rub your feet across a carpeted area. Feel the shock!

Shoes (for conservative inductors)

Try this experiment with rubber boots. Now, rub your feet across the carpeted and feel....well nothing.