High School Physics/Applied Physics Experiments

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Si Units[edit | edit source]

Force →

Pressure →

Acceleration →

Work →

Force[edit | edit source]

Moving a block with your hand work done on the object

Acceleration[edit | edit source]

riding a bike down a hill, slipping and falling

Momentum[edit | edit source]

  1. inelastic collision (billiards type)
  2. elastic collision (both go together)

Energy[edit | edit source]

  1. Kinetic energy (motion)
  2. Potential energy (stored motion)
  3. magnetic energy(attractive motion)

Electricity[edit | edit source]

-Materials: batteries, wires,

  1. Current vs. Voltage: the pipe analogy
  2. Ohms law: metal (conductors) vs. rubber (insulators)
  3. Series circuits (part 1 of the circuits experiment)
  4. Parallel circuits (part 2 of the circuits experiment)
  5. Voltaic Cells - Making electrochemical batteries. (File: Lab - Juicy Fruit.pdf)