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Hydrocarbons are compounds that contains only carbon and hydrogen,differ due to proportion and ratio of carbon and hydrogen present in the compound, and also the carbon to carbon bond present in the hydrocarbon.Hydrocarbon is classified into three

  1. Saturated Hydrocarbons
  2. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
  3. Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Saturated Hydrocarbons[edit]

Saturated Hydrocarbons contain carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen single bonds.Saturated hydrocarbons are in two forms:

  1. Acyclic Saturated Hydrocarbon
  2. Cyclic Saturated Hydrocarbon.

Acyclic Saturated Hydrocarbons[edit]

They are open-chain hydrocarbon(i.e they are straight chain hydrocarbon). They have linear structure.

Cyclic Hydrocarbon[edit]

They are chain hydrocarbon.They have a ring-like structure.

Unsaturated Hydrocarbon[edit]

Unsaturated hydrocarbons contain carbon-carbon multiple bonds (double bonds, triple bonds or both).

Aromatic Hydrocarbon[edit]

Aromatic hydrocarbons are a special type of cyclic compounds.